Gardnerellesis - a characteristic of the disease

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Gardnerellesis - a characteristic of the disease

Gardnerelis is understood to be inflamed vagina, which is caused by gardnerella. Normally, they are kept in small amounts on the mucous, but under certain factors they begin to multiply and lead to the development of the disease.

The disease is usually common in female sithe. In men, the pathogen is extremely rare, as it independently goes out for 2-3 days through the genitourinary pathways. Only with certain factors (sharp decrease in immunity, hypothermia) gardnerella is able to prove itself. In this case, the disease usually occurs in latent form. The man becomes a carrier of gardnerell and can infect the partner.

Sexual transmission is not the only one. The disease may occur under other circumstances:

  • Excessive use of antibiotics;
  • Hormone therapy;
  • - lowering the immune system;
  • - bowel dysbacteriosis;
  • Endocrine diseases;
  • Illiterate douching;
  • Abortion, birthing.

These factors contribute to the violation of the microbial flora of the vagina, which normally buy viagra online contains a small amount of gardnerell. Their active reproduction leads to the appearance of symptoms. The distinctive sign of this disease is a sharp, unpleasant smell from the vagina, resembling the smell of rotten fish. Also begin to bother abundant mucous, frothy discharge of gray-white color. They cause irritation on the mucous membrane, resulting in burning, itching in an intimate place.

The diagnosis of gardnerelles is to determine the number of pathogens. To this end, PCR is carried out in most cases. For women who often change sexual partners, it is necessary to check for other hidden infections. This method diagnoses almost all sexually transmitted diseases. The pIF, bacteriological sowing, is also highly informative.

As a result of laboratory studies, the gynecologist develops a treatment regimen. It consists of local and antibacterial, anti-inflammatory therapy. In the first case, douching with special solutions, vaginal candles or ointments is prescribed. In the complex, the doctor prescribes drugs that prevent the development of gardnerell. Immunomodulatory therapy is also recommended. Any sexual contact should be excluded during treatment.

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